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Ceres Nanosciences provides breakthrough research platforms and diagnostic products using its unique and proprietary Nanotrap® capture particle technology. Ceres leverages the powerful Nanotrap® technology to meet the critical demands of the life sciences industry.    


Enhanced Sample Processing: Nanotrap® ESP Platform

Nanotrap® ESP Particles are a protein enrichment toolset optimized for a variety of assay platforms. Nanotrap® ESP Particles, developed from the Ceres proprietary Nanotrap® Platform technology, present a powerful and flexible toolset for research targeting the discovery and quantification of known and unknown low abundance peptides and proteins present in a range of complex biofluid matrices including cell culture supernatant, serum, urine, saliva, and cerebrospinal fluid.    Discover & Purchase


Nanotrap® High Sensitivity Lyme Antigen Test

The Ceres' Nanotrap® High Sensitivity Lyme Antigen Test uses the Nanotrap® technology to directly measure Lyme antigens in urine using a Western Blot format. The Nanotrap® test is designed to provide high sensitivity and accuracy, delivering confident results at the earliest stages of infection. The Nanotrap® Lyme test is currently undergoing clinical trials. Anticipated clincial availabilty in late 2013 and early 2014.
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